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Atelierhaus des Bonner Kunstvereins

Bonner Kunstverein’s Atelierhaus provides low cost studio accommodation for young artists living in Bonn and the surrounding area. Situated in the city’s Altstadt, the Atelierhaus contains seven artist’s studios that are subsidised by the City of Bonn and are available to artists for a maximum period of 30 months.

Studio in Atelierhaus to rent.
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Current Studio Holders:

Anthony DiPaola www.anthonydipaola.com
Diego Esteban Sánchez www.esteban-sanchez.com
Kathrin Graf www.kathringraf.de
Elisabeth Reidegger
Valerie Häußler www.valerie-haeussler.de
Bettina Marx www.bettinamarx.de
Britta MielkeTina van de Weye
Tina van de Weyer www.tina-vandeweyer.de
Matthias Wörner

Atelierhaus des Bonner Kunstvereins
Dorotheenstr. 99
D-53111 Bonn