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Atelierhaus des Bonner Kunstvereins

Since 2004, the Bonner Kunstverein has been offering studios for emerging artists at their Atelierhaus in Bonn’s historic old town. With the partial support of the City of Bonn, 7 subsidized studio spaces are awarded. The opportunity to provide a studio space and to welcome artists in Bonn’s community is the primary cooperative intention. The duration of the award is 30 months, during which the artists chosen by a jury can work in a private studio at the Dorotheenstraße Atelierhaus building. In addition to the creative exchange with the other artists at the Atelierhaus, artists also benefit from the close connection to the Bonner Kunstverein, the vibrant neighboring cities along the Rhine and the local presence of the international art world.

Applications will be submitted to a jury who will present their recommendations to the Board of Trustees at the Kunstverein. The jury is composed of: Director of the Bonner Kunstverein, a member of the Board of Trustees, an artist from the studio and a curator of the Kunstmuseum Bonn.

Current Studio Holders:

Arno Beck
Matej Bosnić
Darja Eßer
Philipp Hawlitschek
Roman Lang
Naomi Liesenfeld
Claudia Robles
Oliver Schuß
Tina van de Weyer

Atelierhaus des Bonner Kunstvereins
Dorotheenstr. 99
D-53111 Bonn