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Henrik Potter, Après/ two tickets to Paris/ 2014, 2014

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Henrik Potter

Après/ two tickets to Paris/ 2014

Après/ two tickets to Paris/ 2014, 2014
Oil on wood, foam, aluminium
45 x 35 x 5 cm
Unique work, signed

Henrik Potter’s practice takes conversations around embodiment, precarity and health, and pushes them into a territory that is neither sanitized nor distinctively abject – there is a fascination with fragility and toughness, a body ‘with dirt under its fingernails.’ In his work, there is a channeling of the remarkable resilience and insubstantiality of bodies that live and change and fall apart on levels that both are palpable and minute. His fascination with embodiment recurrently loops back to the fractured body, permeable and isolated in parts, as in Après / two tickets to Paris / 2014 and Heads / the big Z. These are works that draw on an incomplete, fleshy embodiment – two tongues balancing on the tip, pressing against the screen of an iPhone, and a severed head, reminiscent of the artist himself.

Henrik Potter (b. 1989, Lausanne, CH) has exhibited at Lukas Hirsch, Düsseldorf; the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (both 2019); Cell Project Space, London (2016); Cubitt, London (2014) and Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2019). Potter lives in London.