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Ghislaine Leung, Bosses II, 2019

2,000 EUR


Ghislaine Leung

Bosses II

Bosses II, 2019
2 ceramic cups, gift wrapping
Ed. 20, with certificate
2.000 €

Ghislaine Leung’s practice has a finely attuned sensibility for structures and their contingency. In her sculptures, installation and writing, Leung is concerned with materiality and form, but also with the more ephemeral qualities of energy, dependency and agency, negotiations which reside in and between the artworks, but also extends to the institutional frameworks holding them. Bosses II consist of two gift-wrapped oversized ceramic ‘The Boss’ mugs. The work, one set in an edition of 20, has a cartoonish quality to it, a humour tinged with a melancholy undertone. 

Ghislaine Leung’s (b. 1980, Stockholm) work has been shown at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart; Chisenhale Gallery (both 2019); Bureau des Réalités, Brussels (2018); Cell Project Space, London (2017) and WIELS, Brussels (2016). She lives in London.