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Arno Beck, Likespeed, 2019

450 EUR


Arno Beck


Likespeed, 2019
58,4 x 46,2 cm
Ed. 30, 10 for Bonner Kunstverein
450 EUR

Arno Beck transforms typical forms and symbols of the digital image culture into drawings, paintings or prints by means of analogue processes. ‚Likespeed’, a letterpress print, is based on a typewriter drawing created from a limited number of characters and letters. Through the seemingly repetitive action of ‚Copy’ and ‚Paste’, a ‚Love-Emoji’ is elevated to the three-dimensional space in the form of a snake that feeds on an exuberant swarm of ‚Likes.’

Arno Beck (b. 1985, Bonn) has a studio in Bonner Kunstverein’s Atelierhaus. He lives and works in Bonn.