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Kathrin Graf, Pattern, 2017, Photo: Mareike Tocha

350 EUR


Kathrin Graf


Catalogue pages, wax, acrylic, magnets, in cardboard box
23 x 16 x 25 cm
13 unique works, numbered, with certificate

Kathrin Graf (b. 1984, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler) has exhibited at the Städtische Galerie Am Abdinghof, Paderborn (2015); Künstlerforum Bonn (2014; 2012; 2008; 2007) and Kunstverein Ludwigshafen (2008). Together with Bettina Marx she runs the collaborative and ongoing work “tiefkeller” as a collection and archive space in Bonn. She lives and works in Amsterdam and has had a studio at the Kunstverein’s Atelierhaus until autumn this year.