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Masar Sohail, Pit in a thicket #4, 2019

2.300 EUR


Masar Sohail

Pit in a thicket

Pit in a thicket #4, #5, 2019
Oil pastels on paper
115 x 175 cm
2 Unique works
2.300 EUR each

In his films and works on paper, Masar Sohail counteracts the idea of a society that by definition articulates itself as ‘healthy’ and reacts with rejection towards anything that threatens its existence. He contrasts this construct with an image of a a wild animal: we learn when it is at its most dangerous and when it’s at its most tame. We learn to understand the sounds it makes and find out the sounds we need to make in order to calm it or anger it. What is pleasant for this beast, we call good, what makes it wild, we call bad. Thus, Sohail’s images always tell of social atomization and are dedicated to a plurality of marginalized voices.

Masar Sohail’s (b. 1982, Bucharest) work has been exhibited at Danske Grafikeres Hus, Copenhagen (2017); Malmö Konsthall (2014). Sohail was awarded with the Dorothea-von-Stetten-Kunstpreis in 2018. He lives in Copenhagen.