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Neven Allgeier, Untitled, 2019

50 EUR


Neven Allgeier


Untitled, 2019
Double-sided poster
DIN A1 (84.1 x 59.4 cm)
Ed. 100
50 EUR

Neven Allgeier’s photographs are mostly characterized by their artificial light situations. With their exaggerated colours and shimmering layers, everything depicted becomes part of a photographic world of its own that eludes our genuine perception. Arrangements of everyday objects, (supposedly) situational observations and portraits form his main motifs. His ongoing series of portraits of young artists thus proves to be a chronicle of a young art scene in Germany. In Allgeier’s double-sided poster edition, a deserted horizon of car tires is contrasted with a single, large track on mud, thereby incorporating and disputing the concept of front and back.

Neven Allgeier (b. 1986, Wiesbaden) lives and works in Frankfurt and Berlin.