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Stefani Glauber, Ohne Titel, 2019

sold out

Stefani Glauber


Untitled, 2019
Ink on cardboard
47 x 59 cm
Unique work, signed
450 € (incl. frame)

Stefani Glauber is interested in the processes of converting analog information into digital signals and vice versa.  By placing emphasis on this interchange, the artist shows how digital technology influences our communication on the one hand, while revealing the poetic moments created through errors in the conversion process on the other.  Glauber’s drawing plays with the aesthetics of electronically transmitted data, giving the apearance of a coded manifestation.

Stefani Glauber (b. 1991, Munich) was awarded the Kunstverein’s Peter Mertes Stipendium in 2018. Her work has been shown at Bonner Kunstverein (2019); Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund (2019); Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (2018) and at Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn (2017). She lives in Köln.