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Josef Zekoff, Untitled, 2019

sold out

Josef Zekoff


Untitled, 2019
Oil on canvas
78 x 60 cm
Unique work
3.200 EUR


“One would like to describe them as archaic, mythical, sometimes laconic,” said art historian Heidrun Rosenberg about Josef Zekoff’s paintings. With few colours and minimal form, the image most closely resembles a labarynthine pattern whose lines entice the viewer to wander around while expecting to reach a destination eventually. Yet despite its clear structure, Zekoff’s painting resists the assignment of a clear interpretation. In fact, prolonged observation only seem to reinforce its effect as a discomfitting riddle.

Josef Zekoff (b. 1977, Vienna) has exhibited at Kunstverein Reutlingen (2018); Galerie im Künstlerhaus, Leonberg (2018); Wien Museum MUSA (2017); Institut für moderne Kunst, Nürnberg (2016) and Deichtorhallen, Hamburg (2015). He lives in Vienna.