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Taro Masushio

Untitled 3

Silver gelatine print
49 × 43 cm
Ed. 3 + 2 AP, 1 for Bonner Kunstverein

Taro Masushio’s drawings, taken from erotic and documentary photographic records and journals, are from the work of the homoerotic Japanese photographer, Jun’ichi En’ya. Known as the “Uncle of Osaka”, En’ya has become the inspiration for Masushio’s current work that explores the privacy between maker and viewer and drawing and photography in gravure. Masushio makes the drawing mimic the photographic, drawing the two medium closer together.

Taro Masushio lives and works in New York. He received his MFA from NYU. He has shown at Empty Gallery, Hong Kong (2020), and in group exhibitions at 47 Canal, New York (2019) and Capsule, Shanghai (2018).