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Robert Brambora, Untitled, 2019

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Robert Brambora


Untitled, 2019
Gouache, oil on wood, copper
ca. 69 x 56 cm
Unique work, signed
3.000 EUR

Using traditional media and materials, Robert Brambora reflects on the conditions of the advanced, neoliberal social system and its effects on the individual.This painting is part of Brambora’s ongoing series of silhouette-like and anonymous representations of heads that reveal surreal landscapes and evade a concrete contextualization in time or space.

Robert Brambora (b. 1984, Halle) was awarded the Kunstverein’s Peter Mertes Stipendium in 2018. His work has been presented at Bonner Kunstverein (2019); Neuer Essener Kunstverein (2018) and Kunstverein Wiesen (2016). He lives and works in Berlin.