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Sarah Lehnerer, Ohne Titel (Shades), 2019

1.010 EUR


Sarah Lehnerer

Untitled (Shades)

Frottage, ink on plaster
ca. 20 x 30 cm
2 unique works
1.010 EUR each

Sarah Lehnerer’s installations, drawings, sculptures as well as films and texts are mostly created within a superordinate chapter. The two frottages are part of the work series ‘Tropes and Limbs’, which bundles Lehnerer’s ongoing involvement processes of subjectivation. As the artist creates a silhouette of her own head in a side profile, scans it and transfers it onto plasterboard, her image passes through several mediums. The subject finally appears on a clearly limited surface, like a schema that refers to something real, but creates an opportunity for an external view on the self.

Sarah Lehnerer’s (b. 1987) has been shown at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (2019); MACRO Museum, Rom (2019); Kunstraum München (2018) and Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2018). She lives in Berlin.