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Allison Katz, Wheezy IV, 2019

4.000 EUR


Allison Katz

Wheezy IV

Wheezy IV, 2019
Hand-glazed ceramics
29,5 cm in diameter
Unique work, signed
4.000 EUR

Allison Katz’s paintings make use of ambiguous, contradictory symbols imbued with personal meaning. Her Jahresgabe draws from her series “Diary w/o Dates” (2018), which is based on her preoccupation with historical calendar systems. The twelve paintings are named after a British satire about the names of the months of the 18th century French Revolutionary Calendar: Names such as Vendémiaire, Brumaire and Frimaire have been translated as Wheezy, Sneezy and Freezy. In her paintings, Katz continues the logic of these puns and questions traditional allegories of time.

Allison Katz (b. 1980, Montreal) has held solo exhibitions at Oakville Galleries; MIT List Visual Arts Center, Boston (2018); Kunstverein Freiburg (2015) and ICA Studio, London (2015). Her work has also been presented at Tate St. Ives (2017); Bergen Kunsthall; Le Consortium, Dijon (2016) and the Sculpture Centre, New York (2014). She lives and works in London.