Concepts of Masculinity (Kölnischer Kunstverein)

Short lectures in cooperation with Ruhr- University Bochum: Katharina Boje will talk about the connection between Toxic Masculinity, Hyper-masculinity and Blackness. Jan-Hendrik Steffan’s lecture is based on the work “‘Weibliche’ und ‘männliche’ Körpersprache als Folge patriarchaler Machtverhältnisse” by Marianne Wex. He explores the artist’s extensive photographic research on male and female poses in the 1970s. Peter Vignold takes the superhero comedy “SHAZAM!” by David F. Sandberg (USA 2019) as a starting point to explore the complex relationship between aesthetics and the economics of production and their role in the construction of discourses on masculinity in mainstream cinema.

Venue: Kölnischer Kunstverein