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Laurent Dupont, Brussels Objects, Zavel – Sablon, 2017


On Saturday, 5 December at 2 pm a selection of  this years’s Jahresgaben will be presented by artists, curators and art historians.

Speakers include

Kathrin Graf (Artist and Co-founder of Tiefkeller, Bonn) on Jadé Fadojutimi
Heike Kirchhoff (Artothek, Bonner Kunstverein) on Tamina Amadyar
Prof. Dr. Birgit Münch (Art historical Institute of the University of Bonn
and Board Member of Bonner Kunstverein) on Laurent Dupont
Miriam Schmedeke (Art Historian) on Nina Canell
Gudrun von Schoenebeck (Art Historian and Journalist) on Heidi Specker
Christoph Schreier (Curator and Honorary Professor, Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences) on Oliver Schuß

For receiving the Zoom link please send an e-mail to: kontakt@bonner-kunstverein.de