ONLINE – A conversation between Fanny Howe and Ariana Reines

Enclosure, a conversation between writers and poets Fanny Howe and Ariana Reines on Sunday, 8 August, at 6 pm.

Howe’s writing is formally precise, philosophical, mythic and mystic. Her practice is shaped by her activist work and the civil rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s, and a long running engagement with what she calls a “minor politics” – the intimate, fragile, and doubting, with a recurring fascination with the figure of the child, the powerless and those unable to assimilate. In her meditations on bewilderment, motherhood, care and dependency, Howe takes on conventional systems of belief and argues for another, brave way of proceeding. In works such as Night Philosophy (2020) and the essay Work and Love (2003) she directly engages questions of the systemic and the intimate in ways that have been an important reference and inspiration to The Holding Environment as a show.

Taking place at the closing of the exhibition, Enclosure, is an exchange between Howe and playwright, poet and writer Ariana Reines. The writing of Reines is preoccupied with and pushes a space of intimacy, in part explored and negotiated through her fascination and engagement with the limits and boundaries of rational thinking and the occult. Yet she also insistently zooms out: linking the intimate and unknowable space with historical and social shifts and in part also traumas. On a literary and stylistic level, Reines moves between a deeply contemporary and internet mediated relationship with language, and fascination with epic poetry and the depths of ancient tradition and intention.

For Enclosure the writers will exchange in reflections on their process, and on some of the challenges and desires of grappling with the limits of consciousness and language, of being in reality and beyond simultaneously. Of action, and poetics.

The event will take place via Zoom and can be accessed at the following link: