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Jahresgaben, Installationview, Bonner Kunstverein, 2017. Photo: Mareike Tocha

Jahresgaben 2017

Opening: 1 December, 7pm
Jahresgaben-Weekend: 2 and 3 December, 11am-5pm

Bonner Kunstverein announces its annual sale of Jahresgaben with contributions from 20 artists including paintings, drawing, photography, sculpture, ceramics and print editons. The sale launches with a preview and dinner in honour of the participating artists followed by a public exhibition opening and a special weekend-long programme of talks by local artists, curators, collectors and critics.

This year’s sale features a large number of unique works including paintings by Fredrik Vaerslev (b. 1979, Drøbak), sculpture by Karla Black (b. 1972, Alexandria) and drawings by Israel Aten (b. 1986, Detroit)and  Alex Wissel (b. 1983, Aschaffenburg). There are also drawings by the autonomous art-making computer programme, Aaron develoepd by Harold Cohen (b. 1928, London; d. 2016, Encinitas) autonomous art-making computer programme, Aaron alongside other works on paper including paintings by Matt Connors (b. 1973, Chicago), a series of unique works by Kathrin Graf (b. 1984, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler), collages by Eva Kot’átková (b. 1982, Prague) and photographic works by Louisa Clement (b. 1987, Bonn), Katharina Monka (b. 1986, Wunstorf) and Josephine Pryde (b. 1967, Alnwick). Richard Deacon (b. 1949, Bangor) has donated three portfolios of lithographs and Jeremy Deller (b. 1965, London), Anthea Hamilton (b. 1978, London), Lothar Hempel (b. 1966, Cologne) and Helen Marten (b. 1985, Macclesfield) have all produced new editioned prints. Other editions made especially for the Kunstverein include scultpure by Michael Dean (b. 1977, Newcastle upon Tyne) and ceramics by Jennifer Tee (b. 1973, Arnhem).

One quarter of the artists live in the region of North Rhine Westphalia. Seven others are former Turner Prize nominees (three of whom were awarded the prestigious prize). Other Jahresgaben come from the Kunstverein’s 2016 Peter Mertes Stipendium artists as well as from Bonner Kunstverein’s Atelierhaus.