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Taro Masushio, Untitled 3, 2020, silver gelatine print, 49 × 43 cm, Ed. 3 + 2 AP, 1 for Bonner Kunstverein

Jahresgaben 2021

Opening: Saturday, 11 December 2021, 2pm

We are pleased to present our Jahresgaben 2021 with outstanding contributions from 33 artists.  This year’s selection was co-conceived with art historian Alan Longino.

Ei Arakawa
Monika Baer
Mark Barker
Bradley Davies
Liz Deschenes
Isabella Ducrot
Hadi Fallahpisheh
Hélène Fauquet
Michael Fullerton
Nöle Giulini
Behrang Karimi
Ellen Yeon Kim
Marc Kokopeli
Paul Levack
Shuang Li
Dana Lok
Magdalena Los
Harkeerat Mangat
Taro Masushio
Simon Mielke
John Miller
Catherine Mulligan
Liam Neff
Yuki Okumura
Silke Otto-Knapp
Joanna Piotrowska
Magali Reus
Natalia Rólon
Aura Rosenberg
Lucie Stahl
Kyle Thurman
Valentina Triet
Jiannan Wu

For this year’s Jahresgaben, we have been working together to create a singular, and very personal artists list for works to be shown at the Kunstverein. We are focusing on artists whose work we follow and admire. Combining a sense of the spirit and overall approach of the artistic program at the Kunstverein, along with a shared ethos. The format is a combination between singular, original works and editions which will be presented at the Kunstverein from 11 – 22 December 2021.

The Jahresgaben has a long tradition. Extending from the founding of the institution in the early 1960s, it has continually brought together outstanding works made available for members. These are a combination of collectors and artists, as well as a wider public who have a vested interest in an institution that is focused on contemporary art, with a significant focus on avant-garde history. The aim of these individuals is to support the activities and work of the Kunstverein, as the profits are fully focused on enabling the artistic program of the institution.

On Saturday, 11 December at 2 pm selected Jahresgaben will be presented by curators and art historians. Speakers include Haris Giannouras (Assistant Curator, Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach), Fatima Hellberg (Director, Bonner Kunstverein), Suzana Leu (Head of Collection, Ludwig Museum Koblenz), Paulina Seyfried (Curator and cultural manager) and Noemi Smolik (Art critic).

To participate in the event, please register in advance via kontakt@bonner-kunstverein.de. Please note that the proof of recovery or full vaccination is required.

For orders, queries or to arrange a viewing appointment, please contact us via kontakt@bonner-kunstverein.de or telephone +49 228 693936.