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Kristina Leko, Installation view, Bonner Kunstverein, 2009. Photo: Alistair Overbruck

Kristina Leko: Happy House of Justice Love

To a large degree, the socially weak or precarious residential areas lack beauty, social potential and, likewise, identity. The Bonner Kunstverein is located in just such an area.

‘Happy House of Justice Love’ is the title of a participatory art and communication project that the Croatian artist Kristina Leko (*1966 in Zagreb, lives and works in Cologne and Zagreb) has developed for the Bonner Kunstverein with the residents of this neighborhood. In collaboration with the Blumenhof, the Evangelical Migration and Refugee Work in Bonn, and the Caritas Institution “Uns Huus” (youth center), “Marienhaus” (seniors and nursing home) and Prälat-Schleich-Haus” (home for the homeless).
Leko has worked out the participants’ experiences, ways of seeing things, and needs, concerning architectural issues and community living. The results will be presented in a large-scale mural in the forecourt of the Kunstverein as well as in documentary exhibitions at the Kunstverein and in the participating institutions. The aim is to integrate and link the project’s individual participants, but also art’s public space and the neighborhood.
Under consideration are the beauty and the social responsibility of architecture and residency, as well as the integrative promotion and sensitization for a cultural participation of all of society.
Starting with an obligation of the artist within a larger socio-political constellation, Leko, for instance, links the project to exhibitions like the Artist Placement Group (APG) in the 1970s. Within the exhibition’s supporting program, there will be a critical classification of the project within the context of recent developments in contemporary art.