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Lorenza Longhi, Untitled, 2019, installation view, Bonner Kunstverein, 2022. Courtesy the artist and Fanta-MLN, Milan. Photo: Mareike Tocha

The Wig

is an exhibition by Haus der Wig, Berlin 

Opening Friday, 11 March, from 7pm
12 March – 31 July 2022

With Gianmaria Andreetta, Nancy Dwyer x Swatch, Matthias Groebel, Jason Hirata, Kirsten Johnson, Devin Kenny, Louise Lawler, Ed Lehan & Lena Tutunjian, Lorenza Longhi, Fred Lonidier, Megan Plunkett, Josephine Pryde, Sarah Rapson, Su Richardson, Lucien Samaha, Richard Sides, Mareike Tocha, Angharad Williams, Camilla Wills and Reece York
As a concept The Wig draws on Michel de Certeau’s notion of “La Perruque” introduced by the philosopher in his book The Practice of Everyday Life. Published in 1984 but still relevant today, de Certeau’s writings looked at the issues surrounding the value we attach to objects in contrast to the value we assign to those who make them. To practice “La Perruque” or The Wig, broadly refers to anything done under the guise of work. Extrapolating on the notion of The Wig, the works selected for this exhibition signify a particular kind of surplus, and the accumulated materials leads us to a divergent understanding of what can be extracted from specific environments.