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Sponsor a Picture!

Founded in 1987, Bonner Kunstverein’s Artothek is a public collection of over 1,000 works that are available to loan for a small, administrative fee. In the course of its history we have lent over 30,000 works to over 2,000 individuals and organisations.

Due to the Artothek’s 30th anniversary in 2017 we are offering individuals and companies the opportunity to sponsor some of its unframed aquisitions. Approximately forty percent of the collection currently requires new frames. Each 100 € donation will add another artwork to the catalogue of artworkes available to fund. Sponsored artworks will be photographed, framed and labelled with their name of the sponsor before being displayed as part of the official anniversary in March. The newly framed artworks will then be loaned out to their sponsors for 6 months. Sponsors may choose from a list of unframed artworks, these works may also be viewed during the opening hours of the Artothek or by appointment.

Loans cost just 12 € for 2 months or 6 € for Bonner Kunstverein Members. Fees are inclusive of tax, insurance and packing. Artworks can be borrowed for up to 6 months.